About BusTayo

This website is a portal for travelers to reserve bus seats going to and from the city, without the uncertainty of going to a bus terminal with no assurance of a seat (especially during peak months). We are constantly growing our network of bus operator partners to ensure that you get to your destination safely, minus the hassle and chaos of buying a ticket on the day of the trip itself. Whether you ride buses daily to move from city to province or you’re an avid explorer of the countryside, BusTayo is for you!

Our Mission

  • We aim to make it easier for our fellow Filipinos to MOVE between cities and provinces via public transportation.
  • By integrating web/mobile solutions, we hope to uplift tourism experiences in our country by providing an easier and more convenient way of reaching provinces in the Philippines through public transport.

Meet The Team

Aaron Carreon
Joseph Metran
Jayson Larin
Sr. Software Developer
Fleener Lemon Dela Cruz
Chief Design & Interaction

Skip the chaos. Skip the hassle.

Bus na Tayo